My Friends; Aaron, Emily, & Cullen

I’ve known Aaron and Emily for a few years now. They were friends of friends, turned my friends. Make sense?

Aaron & Emily decided to put their good looks to use to make a good looking baby. Later named Cullen.


I’ve only met Cullen once. Mostly because he’s only 8 months old.


We decided it would be a good time to get some quality catch-up time, while visiting Holland, Michigan’s famous Tulip Time Festival.

Naturally, Michigan chose this day to bump the temperature up to the mid 80’s out of nowhere, and unleash it’s humidity powers that makes it feel like you’re walking through pea soup. And with the mass number of sweaty people around (myself at the top of the list), it smelled a little like pea soup too.

That is, until you become surrounded by literally thousands of colorful, feels-inducing tulips. Much more pleasant.

So to make a long story short, it was a nice time to play catch-up, and meet one of the chillest tiny humans I’ve ever had the good pleasure of meeting.

What a good looking family. (And photographer. You can’t see him, but trust me.)

Oh, and P.S.
No trip to Holland is complete without stopping in at New Holland Brewery for a refreshing cold one.