Nelson, Leslie, & The Mozz: (Great) Friends

Doing what you love is great. Doing what you love with friends? Even better.



Nelson and I have known each other since high school. After he returned from school, our friendship really picked up. We see each other regularly, and I can’t tell you enough what his friendship and guidance means to me! Leslie is the perfect match for Nelson, keeping him in line and being his better half. We have a running joke that I’m basically Leslie in guy form, and she’s me in gal form. That makes sense that Nelson would want to marry someone so alike to me. (Weird.)

Anyway, when Nelson and Leslie were looking for some updated family pictures, I didn’t hesistate to say let’s do it!

Nelson is a (great) pastor and writer, Leslie is a (great) interior designer, and Mozzy is a (great) dog. The made my job incredibly easy since they’re all so good looking. Mozzy took the lead here.


I always enjoy my time with this trio, and on this day it was no different!