Operation: Anchorage

The Last Frontier is a-callin’!

I have the extreme privilege to visit a good friend of mine and his family in Sutton, Alaska for the next three weeks.

Hiking, fishing, gold mining, four wheeling, and much more are all on tap. Not to mention, THOUSANDS of pictures.

I’m really looking forward to this trip for several reasons:

1. An amazing opportunity to hone my photo and video skills in one of the most beautiful places on Earth

2. Time to catch up with a good friend and his growing family.

3. Helping to jumpstart my hopes of frequent travel.

4. Kick fear of the unknown to the curb.

5. Because Alaska.


I look forward to exploring a new place, and continue to grow as a photographer, videographer, and as a person.

I definitely look forward to sharing my experiences with you all!